• Make sure we work on the right things (Story Points = KPI)
  • Make sure we stay on schedule (Story Point quota)

Scrum Rules

  • One scrum leader, responsible for leading the scrum meeting for that team.
  • One scrum meeting per week, always on the same date per week.
  • Each JIRA issue should take no more than 2 hours. Issues longer than 2 hours should be split up.
  • Quota for Story Points completed per sprint.

Meeting Agenda

  1. Close current sprint.
  2. Tally story points.
  3. Move incomplete tickets to next sprint.
  4. Triage backlog and move into new sprint.
  5. Start new sprint.
  6. Rank tickets by descending Story Point order
  7. Complete tickets by Story Point order


  • Management (Sunday)
  • Engineering