Product Cycle 1 Sprint 1 Week

Our product cycle is inspired by Michael Seibel’s talk Product Development Cycle

Product Cycle

  1. Release product every sprint (1 week).
  2. Someone in charge of product. They are responsible for making sure team meets product goals, and team got product out the door.
  3. KPIs (new content, new users, retained users)

Product Meetings

  • Only one meeting, at the beginning of the product development cycle
  • Meeting as long as it took to come to a decision / conclusion
  • Whiteboard
    • new features
    • bugs
    • tests
  • Every idea was written down, no idea was debated
  • Assign easy, medium, hard
  • Pick the hards first, then pick mediums, then pick easies
  • Spec ideas out.

Product Person or Manager

The product manager is responsible for:

  • Don’t change the spec.
  • Don’t change the features list.
  • No changing the scope of the sprint after the sprint has started. No fake Agile.
  • No context switching after product meeting in the middle of 1 sprint product cycle.

The focus after the product meeting is to get product out the door, nothing else.

Product Testing

  • Testing requirements are part of each product cycle’s list