Type Full-Time, Part-Time
Location Remote
Level Junior

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Salary Levels

  1. Level D0 - Intern (2-3萬)
  2. Level D1 - Junior Designer (3-4萬)
  3. Level D2 - Designer (4-5萬)
  4. Level D3 - Senior Designer (5-6萬)
  5. Level D4 - Principal Designer (6-8萬)
  6. Level D5 - Lead Designer (8-12萬)
  7. Level D6 - Chief Designer / Vice President (12+萬)

Job Description


  1. Highly proficient in all aspects of the creative process: including sketches, mood boards, wireframes and strategized web pages that drive results.
  2. Product design and iteration.


  1. At least one year of RWD web app UI/UX design experience.
  2. Familiar with basic front-end web technologies, such as CSS, HTML.
  3. Experience with design tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma, Sketch.

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