No technical interviews or exams

For senior engineers with 5 years of technical experience or more:

  • NO take home exams.
  • NO white board interviews.

Only for Senior Engineers and above

Option C is reserved for experienced veterans who are confident in their experience and skills. You must be a senior engineer with at least 5 years of engineering working experience. The process will take half a day for you to meet our entire team, including our founding members and executives. You will need to provide:

  1. GitHub / GitLab profiles and resume
  2. Work references
  3. Proof of current or previous salary
  4. Convenient time for a phone screen

This option is non-objective and highly subjective, and thus only reserved for highly-skilled executive level position. We will not provide any prepatory instructions ahead of time for this high-level technical interview.

Salary Match

If we decied to proceed with an offer based on your references alone, we will automatically match your current or previous salary (with proof) at least 5% or higher.

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