Type Full-Time, Part-Time
Location Remote
Level Lead, Senior

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Job Description

Work on owning a product in FinTech, EdTech, B2B SaaS, or another high growth industry.

Product Design + Project Management + Innovation Creation


  1. Leverage an iterative, user-centered approach and solid UI design skills to conceive and deliver valuable new experiences across mobile and web platforms.
  2. Contribute to all aspects of the product development lifecycle — from research and ideation through to detailed design and delivery — with an emphasis on rapid prototyping, frequent validation with end users, and creatively approaching constraints.
  3. Collaborate closely with product managers, designers developers, and other disciplines to identify what will be most critical to the success of a product, what it should feel like to interact with a product or service across multiple touchpoints, and to define how we bring that experience into reality.
  4. Actively look for opportunities to apply new tools and technologies that can help enrich the capabilities.
  5. Have the opportunity to be an advocate and coach for design thinking and iterative methods for product development.
  6. Oversee the design, development, and implementation of a product. This will involve owning and executing on the product roadmap.
  7. Be well-versed in all aspects of the product, including: a) determining the valuable problem to solve, value to users, business case, and product vision and roadmap, b) translating abstract visions into specific business requirements, and c) through rigorous customer research, determining user needs, pain points, defining MVP and potential solution, utilizing methods such as storyboards, wireframes, product backlog and user stories.You will build a prioritized list of features in iterative sprints while consistently delivering value. You will deploy MVP, pilot, measure key metrics and iterate based on feedback subsequent releases.
  8. Define product vision and roadmap with clarity on feasibility, time, cost, and impact
  9. Own end-to-end user and merchant experience
  10. Create end-to-end product and service strategies that will result in differentiated offerings to create and sustain value
  11. Define requirements and design features with the goal of securing product market fit and growth
  12. Act as the voice of the customer/user, with a deep understanding of user personas, pain points, and customer journeys
  13. Design and implement analytical tools and user testing frameworks
  14. Gain and share insights with the Executive, Engineering, Design, Marketing teams to continue improving the product and the business
  15. Effectively prioritize and define product features so that Engineering/Design can collaboratively execute
  16. Scope, design, concept test and deliver innovative solutions in a fast-paced startup environment
  17. Continuously rebalance product / service features which maximize value and minimize effort to focus on the highest -returning initiatives
  18. Work closely with Marketing to drive a comprehensive merchant and end-consumer acquisition and retention strategy
  19. Proactively mitigate business operational risks
  20. Communicate and present product roadmaps
  21. Attract and retain world-class product and design team members
  22. Cultivate a high-performing, one-team culture
  23. Work collaboratively with others to ensure MVP OKRs/KPIs/deliverables are met


  1. Experience planning, conducting, and communicating the findings from user research for digital products and services
  2. Ability to frame key questions, create research plans, conduct research, and synthesize findings into meaningful, actionable insights
  3. Ability to design and conduct user testing and concept validation, i.e. identify potential solution options for a stated user need and design experiments that help elicit the most viable solution for users
  4. Strong ability to generate and communicate compelling and actionable insights, both verbally and visually
  5. Strong interaction and visual design understanding
  6. Solid knowledge of and experience with Agile software development
  7. Strong communication skills with ability to articulate and optimize design based on the value to the user and the business
  8. Ability to partner well with others and work on a global team to solve problems and actively incorporate input from various sources
  9. Passionate about creating value through great design and user experience
  10. Ability to structure ambiguous problems and define tasks needed to bring clarity
  11. Strong command of English and Mandarin language (both verbal and written)
  12. Solid knowledge of and experience with Agile best practices and tooling (Jira, Git, etc.)
  13. Knowledge and understanding of technical engineering best practices (test-driven development, continuous integration, etc.)
  14. Working knowledge of SaaS technical issues (e.g., configuration, integration, etc.)
  15. Energized by complex problem solving and ability to push the innovation on solutions
  16. Expert in design thinking and proficiency in drawing storyboards, creating wireframes, creating /rooming product backlogs, writing user stories and developing acceptance criteria
  17. Decision making and prioritization skills to ensure highest value capture
  18. Strong problem solving skills paired with the ability to develop creative and efficient solutions
  19. Ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced startup environment
  20. Ability to manage own learning independently
  21. An entrepreneurial spirit that can operate independently with little direction. Prior start-up experience and experience scaling products is a plus
  22. Experience launching and growing software products in the market
  23. Excellent sense of functional interface design, allowing you to work well with designers and engineers
  24. Strong analytical skills with an emphasis on data-driven decision making
  25. Demonstrated success building strong teams and relationships with vendors and users
  26. Proven track record building product management strategies and high caliber teams from the ground up
  27. Experience with agile software development
  28. Hold teams accountable to make and meet commitments

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