Project-Based/Part-Time Levels

Level Title Project Fee
EP1 Senior Full Stack Engineer I 10~30萬
EP2 Senior Full Stack Engineer II 30~75萬
EP3 Senior Full Stack Engineer III 75~100萬


  • The online assessment will determine the position Title. The complexity/length of the project will determine the Project Fee.
  • Opportunity to become full-time employee.
  • Flexbile on short- or long- term collaboration.
  • Remote, flexbile hours.
  • We are growing quickly and wish to work with talented individuals, regardless full- or part- time, because we understand that everyone has his or her work preferences.

Senior Full Stack Engineer I

  • New college graduate or less than two years of full-time programming work experience.
  • Some knowledge or experience with relevant technology.
  • May need help from other team members.
  • Can implement parts of stack, but not the entire stack or application.

Senior Full Stack Engineer II

  • At least 2 years of working experience in relevant position.
  • Self proficient in accomplishing every single technical task assigned.
  • Fully capable to implement entire product end-to-end.

Senior Full Stack Engineer III

  • Recognized by peers as one of the truly best engineers in the team.
  • Expert and technical leader in driving architecture and engineering design.
  • Can implement entire product end-to-end faster than anyone else.

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