Required SOP

Before you mark your GitHub issue Ready to Review

For each feature, take 4 screenshots

  1. Your mobile app
  2. Designer’s mobile mockup (Figma)
  3. Your desktop app
  4. Designer’s desktop mockup (Figma)

Self-Testing Steps

  1. Copy/paste screenshots to Figma (** Front-End Testing**)
  2. Place screenshots side-by-side.
  3. Use this comparison to check exact pixel-perfect.
  4. Fix any differences.
  5. Copy/paste all 4 final fixed mockups to Figma.
    1. Create a comment pointing to screenshot of your feature on Figma.
    2. Create a link to Figma comment.
    3. Paste Figma comment link to GitHub issue comments.
  6. Mark GitHub issue as Ready to Review and notify #1-eng channel.
  7. Fix Figma/GitHub comments until manager marks “Ready to Merge”.
  8. Merge to develop branch then deploy to both demodevelop and your own demo Heroku deployment.