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Slack is the primary means of communication within teams at AVL. The main development-focused channels are:

  • #dev
  • #dev-back-end
  • #dev-front-end
  • #devops

GitLab Project Backlog

All engineering tasks and features originate from a GitLab issues ticket. The ticket will describe the features list, deliverables, story points, priority, and relevant manager. GitLab (and JIRA) is the primary software project management tool used to manage software at our firm.

1-Week Sprints

Engineering GitLab issues are grouped into 1-week sprints. Each engineer, remote or otherwise, is responsible for completing all GitLab tasks in the sprint. Within each sprint, JIRA tasks are ranked by:

  • High Priority
  • Medium Priority
  • Low Priority

1-Sprint Product Release Cycles

Product release cycles are organized around 1 sprint. At the end of every sprint, we should have released a new version of our product.