1. Pick an industry from the “Industry List” below.
  2. Find 15 startups/incumbents whose product is in the industry.
  3. Compare the 20 most important product features that differentiate the 15 products in a spreadsheet. Rows are startups/companies. Columns are product features.
  4. Take screenshot and paste into a Figma:
    1. Landing page
    2. Below the fold pane
    3. Pricing tables
    4. Main product/app pages
  5. Identify the top 5 most important painpoints that most/all products solve.
  6. Identify the top 5 most critical missing painpoints that most/all products do not solve.

Industry List

  • Neobanks
  • Payment Solutions
  • E-Commerce Platforms
  • Point of Sales
  • Online Store Front

Evaluation Criteria

  • All detailed instructions followed
  • Ability to list all the major players in the industry.
  • Ability to list all the major product features.
  • Ability to identify non-trivial, insightful trends/patterns.
  • Ability to identify the main pain points.

How to Submit

  1. No time limit.
  2. Put your 15 x 20 comparison table inside a Google Sheet, with the sheet titled “Competitive Analysis”.
  3. Put your pain points inside the same Google Sheet, in a separate sheet titlted “Pain Points”.
  4. Put your name and industry you’ve chosen in the title of the Google Sheet, e.g. “[name] - [industry]”
  5. Share your Google Sheet with
  6. Send us an email at notifying us of your completion.
  7. Complete exam submission form below.

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