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  1. User relevance - Is it something which is relevant to many users or just a few?
  2. Usage frequency - How often will it be used?
  3. Communication - Can it be communicated?
  4. Positioning - Does it strengthen your position in the market?
  5. Value - Does it give super powers to users?
  6. Low Complexity - Does it reduce or increase complexity?
  7. Substitutable - Is there a work around we can suggest our customers with our current feature set?
  8. Low Implementation Effort - How easy or difficult is it to implement it?
  9. Growth potential - Does this feature help us grow?


  1. Define your target user
  2. Focus on specific objectives
  3. Prioritize in phases
  4. Champion user’s needs
  5. Know when to ground you prioritization process in reality

Key Points

  1. Make sure you have good data analytics in place
  2. Build a culture of continuous user feedback loops. Data alone won’t give you all the information you need.
  3. Your product team, especially the technical team, should never be siloed from your customers.
  4. Create a customer storyboard to identify larger opportunities
  5. User data to identify where there is big opportunity for improvement
  6. User “The one metric that matters” to prioritise features
  7. Prioritize features by identifying delighters and basic needs
  8. Ensure that new feature is actually making things better

Detailed Processes

Our Agile Process

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