Tech Talks

We host monthly tech talks by a lucky engineer to share something of technical interest. Topics include:

  • New programming languages
  • New frameworks
  • New databases, data stores
  • New APIs and services
  • Anything of interest to the speaker

Source Code

Reading, understanding, and contributing to our source code is the best way to learn from other engineers more senior than you. There is no better substitute in learning than actually doing – coding. Learning from your talented peers is one of the best ways to become a better developer.

GitHub Pages

Our company’s philosophy is to put as many shared knowledge and resources online. Not only are there a treasure trove of documents to describe how we do software. There are links to third party resources on best software engineering practices, and how to write better software.

Technical Book Library

We have a shared drive of technical documents, papers, and e-books on programming languages and frameworks. All engineers are highly encouraged to peruse and download resources from our Company Library.

Changing Projects and Roles

New Projects

Every time an engineer finishes a project or at the end of each quarter, he or she has the opportunity to transfer to different team or portfolio project.

Context Switching

Context switching for software developers is expensive in terms of productivity and concentration. We limit context switching to only after each product release cycle, and prohibit changing sprints, scopes, features, or projects in the middle of a product release cycle.

New Roles

Become a Full Stack Developer

Back-end developers will have the opportunity to learn more about front-end. Likewise, front-end developers will have the opportunity to learn more about the back-end. Becoming a full stack web guru is highly encouraged, and we will give engineers the necessary support and opportunity to do so.

From Engineering to Product Management, Design, Marketing, Growth

Engineers who have passion in startups will have the opportunity to learn more about other aspects of starting a startup, including:

  • Product management
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Growth hacking and engineering

Our ideal engineer is someone who is passionate about startups, so trying on different hats is something we highly, highly encourage.