3-6 Months Onboarding Program for Front / Back-End Developers

We are lean and value speed. We believe effective collaboration is based on mutual understanding. Therefore, we expect our all our engineers to know basic full stack development. We have a dedicated 3- to 6- month onboarding program to help front- and back- end engineers learn the basics of full stack end-to-end development to faciliate team work, understanding, and collaboration. You will have freedom to choose the language and framework you wish to learn, all classes and courses will be company-sponsored.

Get Paid to Learn Full Stack

  • Designed for front-end or back-end developers, who wish to become full stack.
  • 3 to 6 months onboarding program
  • Learn the basics of full stack end-to-end development.
  • Freedom in picking language and framework.
  • Company sponsored online course and class.

Think of it this way: you’re paid to learn and improve yourself.

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Why Full Stack?

  1. Full Stack is the future.
  2. Employers like full stack because hiring front and back-end is effectively hiring two people to do the job of one full stack developer.
  3. Full stack developers command higher salary because faster dev time and less prone to front-back-end connecting mistakes.
  4. Learning the best, newest skills will only help your daily work.
  5. Developers will have longer career longevity as a full stack, compared to front-end or back-end developers.

Full Stack Developers Taiwan

We are also building a Full Stack Developer community in Taiwan, with the mission to:

  • Help front-end and back-end developers transition to a full stack role.
  • Discuss and understand synergies between front-end and back-end frameworks.
  • Build out an open sourced solution that is free forever for startup job seeking and hiring.

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