Development vs Main Branches

  1. Develop in your local branch.
  2. Create one branch for each issuse, so you can merge that branch independently from your other work when that issue has been approved.
  3. Merge your local branch into the main branch at least once a week.
  4. Once merge your local branch, make sure you delete your merged branch
  5. Maintain only one local development branch.

Git Issues Label Flow

1. Engineer Finishes Features

  1. Engineer self-test feature you implemented.
  2. Engineer paste demo URL link in git issue comment for manager to test.
  3. Engineer set git issue to Ready to Review.

2. Manager Reviews Feature

  1. Manager test feature engineer implemented.
  2. Manager equest changes in git issue comment.
  3. Manager will set git issue to Make Change.

3. Engineer Makes Changes

  1. Engineer make changes requested by manager.
  2. Engineer get git issue to Ready to Review.

4. Manager Reviews Changes

  1. Manager test fixes.
  2. Manager will set git issues to Ready to Merge.

5. Engineer Merges Changes to Master

  1. Engineer merge changes to master branch.
  2. Engineer deploy changes to master deployment.
  3. Engineer closes git issue.